Shipping Policy

Shipping & Delivery Policy

Last updated November 28, 2023

We know that getting your commercial kitchen up and running is a big job, and the last thing you want to worry about is shipping those massive ovens, fryers, and refrigerators. That’s why we’ve made the process as smooth and efficient as possible, with dedicated carriers & freight forwarders who specialize in handling the unique needs of large kitchen equipment and smallwares. Whether you’re across town or on the other side of the country, we’ll get your equipment to you safely and securely, so you can focus on what matters most: creating culinary magic!

This page is your one-stop shop for all things shipping, from understanding our process to tracking your order and knowing exactly what to expect when your new equipment arrives. So, grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s get your kitchen ready for action!

Where Do We Ship To?

No matter where you’re located within the United States, we’re here to deliver the commercial kitchen equipment you need to turn your culinary vision into reality. We partner with experienced freight forwarders who specialize in handling even the most oversized ovens, powerful fryers, and cavernous refrigerators. So, say goodbye to shipping headaches and hello to a seamless equipment delivery experience!

Domestic Shipping

We primarily ship to the contiguous United States and are able to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. For customers requesting shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and outside the contiguous United States, we can quote you on your shipment but final costs may vary depending on shipment schedules and destination. If there are any questions, please contact us about shipping to your location.

International Shipping

While we can not ship freight outside of the United States directly, we can ship to international freight forwarders or brokers located in the United States. You will be responsible for finding and hiring your own freight forwarder and the paperwork needed to process the shipment. We will provide you and the freight forwarder with an Invoice for your purchase to assist in the documentation of your shipment. Once your shipment is delivered to your forwarder, they are responsible for delivery beyond that point.

Shipping Addresses

Your shipping address is one of the most important aspects of shipping. Below are some tips to assure that we provide you the best service possible.

  • Make sure your shipping address is correct / accurate.
  • Delivering to a business address, the business name is important to carriers.
  • Do not use PO Boxes, Freight Carriers don’t deliver to PO Boxes.
  • Business operated our of a residence will be considered a residential address and charged as such via freight.
  • Including an accurate phone number is important in the case that you need to be contacted. Carriers often call ahead to verify is available to receive the delivery.

Shipping Quotes & Costs

All shipping rates quoted are an estimate that we provide and is subject to change. Final shipping charges may differ from quoted shipping costs, this could be do to shipping methods like standard services, guaranteed services, or expedited services. Shipping packages like liftgates, calls prior to delivery, residential or limited access can also affect shipping charges. If there is a large difference from the shipping costs quoted we will contact you for approval before processing your order. More details on shipment packages and options available will be listed below for more information.

Request A Quote

Interested in a rate quote for shipping to your place of business? We are here to help, let us know that you are interested in using our freight carrier for delivery and we can run a quote for you. Based on a few factors such as location, services needed, and additional services requested we will get you a quote at the best price possible.

Shipping & Handling Fees

Shipping and handling fee covers the costs of processing, handling, packaging, and delivering your order.

What Are My Shipping & Delivery Options?

We offer a variety of shipping methods to meet the demands of our customers. This includes local deliveries, domestic shipments, freight shipments, and deliveries to freight forwarders. If you have a preferred carrier, we can make arrangements to ship with that carrier.

In-Store Pickup

In-store pickup is available for certain purchases, like In-Stock Purchases and Ship to Store Purchases. Pickups are available 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Friday. An email confirmation can be sent to you when your order is ready for pick up. Make sure to communicate with your representative and have a copy of your sales order to verify your pickup.

Shipping Options

We ship a variety of products from restaurant equipment to smallwares for your kitchen. Depending on the products being shipped we will choose the proper shipping method for your order. When purchasing smaller products such as smallwares, we ship via postal shipping services such as the United States Postal Service. There are certain restrictions when shipping via postal services, such as size and weight of products. If the products or equipment purchased are large or weigh more than 70 lbs to 150 lbs then we will ship via our freight carriers of choice. If you have a preferred carrier please make sure to let your representative know so we can work with that carrier for your shipment.

Postal Shipping Services

We work with a variety of carriers to offer postal services for equipment and parts. There are restrictions as to what can be shipped via postal services such as dimensions and weight. We will work to schedule shipments for the best offer and convenience for our customers. Below are some of the Shipping Methods we offer and what to expect in regards to restrictions and delivery times. Shipping services vary for different carriers, we offer services from USPS, Fedex, and UPS, if you have an account or prefer a specific carrier or service make sure to let your representative know ahead of time. Tracking Numbers are included in a majority of the services offered. Once your order is shipped, we can send an email with your tracking information.

USPS Shipping Services

USPS Priority Mail size restrictions state that no parcel can measure more than 108 inches in length and girth combined, and the maximum weight is 70 pounds.

Domestic ServicesDelivery
USPS First Class Mail2 – 5 Business Days (Guaranteed)
USPS Priority Mail2 – 5 Business Days
USPS Priority Mail Express1 – 2 Business Days (Guaranteed)
USPS Parcel Select3 – 10 Business Days

UPS Shipping Services

UPS restrictions include packages can be up to 150 pounds and up to 165 inches in length and girth combined.

Domestic ServicesDelivery
UPS Overnight / Air Services (Early, Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 Day)1 – 3 Business Days
UPS Ground Services1 – 5 Business Days

FedEx Shipping Services

With FedEx Ground you can ship packages up to 150 lbs and 165″ in length plus girth.

Domestic ServicesDelivery
FedEx Express Overnight / Air Services (Overnight, 2 Day, Express Saver)1 – 2 Business Days (Guaranteed)
FedEx Ground Services1 – 5 Business Days

Freight Shipping Services

Freight shipping services are used when orders include large equipment such as refrigerators, ovens, ranges, and other large products. Rates are determined by a variety of factors such as distance, volume of shipment, classification, and time. While weight is the largest factor to shipment costs, there are exceptions such as the type of product being shipped and its fragility that also impact the price of shipment. Commodities are classified with an NMFC number and are labeled with a class that is based of the density of the shipment to determine a price to ship your products. Shipping Freight with us will generate a Bill of Lading for your shipment that will be used to reference your order.

R&L Carriers

R+L Carriers offers one of the most comprehensive networks of nationwide service centers for LTL, Truckload, Expedited, and Cross-Border Shipping.

Domestic ServicesDelivery
Standard Service2 – 5+ Business Days (Quotes provide Number of Days)
Guaranteed ServiceArrives by 5:00 PM on the Service Date Requested
Guaranteed by NoonArrives within hourly window on the Service Date Requested
Expedited ServicesNeed it Faster? Request this Services for Details

Truckload Services

When shipping restaurant equipment that is large, we ship via freight with LTL or TL with R&L Carriers. Offering a variety of services to maximize efficiency, maintain visibility, and reduce cost. Their options include LTL, Truckload, Logistics, and several other services; They even have freight service options to guarantee delivery.

  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL): Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments typically weigh under 20,000 lbs., but do not require the use of an entire Truckload.
  • Truckload (TL): Truckload services with discounts for shipments 22,000 pounds or more for select lanes.
    • Dry Van Services for short-haul and long-haul trips
    • Expedited Services for handling time sensitive freight fast from door to door
    • Temp Controlled Services provide properly maintained temperature transport
    • Flatbed Services can efficiently handle everything from palletized cargo to over-dimensional products

Additional Services Needed

There are additional services that maybe necessary to ship to your location. These services are needed depending on a few factors, for example your location may not have a dock or forklift, maybe the roads are too narrow for freight shipments. Below are some of the more commonly used services use when shipping with freight carriers. Please advise your representative of the services needed to successfully complete your shipment. Additional fees apply for these services.

  • Destination Liftgate: Select this service when a loading dock is not available.
    • A liftgate is a platform at the back of certain trucks that can lower the shipment from the truck to the ground.
    • Liftgate services does not include taking items into your building or facility.
  • Inside Delivery: Select this option if you need the driver to go inside to deliver your shipment.
  • Residential/Limited Access Delivery: Select this option if you are shipping to non-commercial, residential and/or private locations.
  • Over Dimensions: Select over dimension if any of the articles being shipped are Eight (8) feet or greater in length. 

Freight Receiving Procedures

Please read the following freight shipping procedures carefully and use it as a guide when your shipment arrives. We recommend you verify your shipment, inspect it for any damages, notate any damages or missing items to your delivery, and either accept or deny the shipment. Make sure to do this before the delivery driver leaves your business or driveway, if you do not before once the driver leaves, you become responsible for reporting any damages to the freight company. Follow our this guide when it comes to receiving shipments from a freight carrier. If you have any questions feel free to contact your representative for additional information.

Inspecting Freight Delivery

  • Verify: Initial Shipment Inspection
    • Verify the number of items against the total listed on the Bill of Lading.
    • Check if the shipment has been repackaged, shrink wrap is stretched, wrapped loosely, or disorganized.
    • Look for any signs of damage to the shipment, including scratches, scrapes, punctures, impressions.
    • Make sure to check underneath the skid, pallet or crate in case there was any damage from forklifts.
  • Inspect: Visible Damage / Concealed Damage
    • Look for any sign of damage to the shipment, including creases, dents, scratches, scrapes, punctures, impressions.
    • Also look for missing pieces, punctures, broken pallets, any evidence of concealed damage.
    • If there are no obvious signs of damage on packaging but can’t determine if there is concealed damage, you can notate “Subject to Inspection” allowing a few days to fully inspect your shipment for damages. Contact us as soon as possible to with proof of concealed damages to contact the carrier and file a claim.
  • Notate: Make a Note of Damages
    • If there are signs of damage while the driver is present, make sure to note all the damage that you see.
    • Take pictures of the damage seen or signs of damages that could possibly be concealed damage.
    • Concealed damage must be reported with in 3 business days to the Carrier to file a claim for damages. Contact us as soon as possible with proof of concealed damage so we can contact the carrier and file a claim.
  • Accept or Decline:
    • You have a few options at this point before the driver leaves.
    • No Damage, you can simply accept the shipment and sign off on it.
    • Slightly Damage, If you choose to accept the shipment with damages, notate damages on the delivery receipt before you sign off on it.
      • In the case that the driver has an electric device that doesn’t allow notations, make you have them sign off on damages observed on paper.
      • If the carrier doesn’t want to participate in the freight claim for damages observed, it may be best to just refuse the shipment do to damages.
      • Contact us as soon as possible to file a claim for damages on this shipment.
    • Completely Damaged, If the equipment or products is heavily or completely damaged, notate damages on the delivery receipt and refuse the shipment.
      • Please make sure to take photos and keep notes on the damage observed.
      • Contact us as soon as possible to file a claim for damages on this shipment.

Damage Claims

In the case that there are damages to your shipment, communication and reporting these claims in a timely manner is an important aspect for returns. The receiving procedures above outline some of the most important steps to take when there are damages. Listed below are the most important points when it comes to reporting these damages to file a claim with freight carriers. In all cases, please contact us or your representative in regards to damages observed as soon as possible

  • Document damages observed on packaging or equipment.
  • Take photos of damages such as creases, dents, scratches, punctures, etc.
  • Inspect your shipment thoroughly in the case that there is concealed damage.
  • Contact us as soon as possible with proof of damages so we can contact the carrier and file a claim.
  • Concealed damage must be reported with in 3 business days to the Carrier to file a claim for damages.
  • If there is concealed damage make sure to leave the shipment as is for inspection from the carrier after filing a claim.
  • Please have your order number, shipping information, and any available tracking numbers to expedite this process.

Tracking Your Shipment

No more pacing by the window, wondering where your equipment is. Once your shipment is processed and shipped with a carrier, you can be provided with a tracking number that will allow you to see the estimated delivery date, current location, and even any pit stops they might make along the way. No more calling the freight company or refreshing tracking pages in a frenzy. Just sit back, relax, and let us guide your equipment to their culinary destiny. You’ll be whipping up masterpieces in no time!

  • Advise your representative that you wish to track the shipment so we can provide you with a tracking number or add your email to receive notifications.
  • Estimate arrival time: Get a clear picture of when your equipment will arrive, so you can plan installations, training, and menu launches with confidence.
  • Stay informed with notifications: We’ll keep you in the loop with automated updates, so you’re always one step ahead of any potential delays or reroutes.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or comments, reach out to your representative or send us a message through the Contact Us form.